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12% of all sales go directly to our class.


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 38.8%

A:   214   Joined
B:   337   Not Joined


•   Evelyn Archer (Archer-Piotrowski)  11/18
•   Jim Rosta  11/9
•   Kathleen Hicks (Hicks)  11/8
•   Chuck Sikora  11/6
•   Nancy Wendlowsky (Wendlowsky-Lloyd)  11/5
•   Linda Jason (Shultz)  11/4
•   Karen Schuetze (Gregosky)  10/30
•   John Maciag  10/29
•   David Renshaw (Renshaw)  10/23
•   Sally Matthewson (Haupt)  10/22
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Who lives where - click links below to find out.

9 live in Arizona
13 live in California
5 live in Colorado
2 live in Connecticut
21 live in Florida
3 live in Georgia
5 live in Illinois
3 live in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
2 live in Kansas
3 live in Kentucky
1 lives in Maryland
4 live in Massachusetts
309 live in Michigan
2 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in New Mexico
3 live in New York
5 live in North Carolina
8 live in Ohio
1 lives in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
4 live in South Carolina
6 live in Tennessee
10 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
4 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
2 live in West Virginia
2 live in Wisconsin
2 live in Wyoming
1 lives in China
1 lives in Thailand
85 location unknown
56 are deceased


I created this site to provide information to classmates of Edsel Ford Class of 1971.  This is a non-political site and effective immediately any person posting political positions, political correctness whimpering, or other such nonsense, that person will be deleted from the page and will not be permitted to return.  The whinning from a few individuals continues and they have contacted the host of this site to complain.  If this nonsense continues the site will be shut down.  I hope you understand, but this is not facebook and I certainly don't need that childish behavior.


We are coming up on our 50th Reunion.  This will probably be the last reunion we have organized only for our class.  Why do I say that?  Because it does not really appear that anyone, except a very few people want to participate in making this a great event.  I and the rest of the runion committee need your help.  And to be perfectly honest, if you can take five minutes out of your very very very busy schedules than we won't have a successful 50th Reunion.

We have approximately 250 alive and deceased members which means nearly 350 people are either deceased or nobody in the class has ever talked to anyone since graduation.

Since my last request for help via email, we had one person sign up, which means 213 people couldn't get off their butts to call an old classmate and ask them to join, or at least send me their contact information so I can get a postcard out.  

It really is sad that people think they don't have to participate, and then complain when we have such poor showings at the reunions.  So this is my very last correspondence asking for help.  You don't want to help make it great, fine, we will hold the next reunion at Burger King.

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1)   Are you willing to help locate classmates?

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2)   Do you want a 50th Reunion?

Yes No
3)   Do you think Reunions are a waste of time and you are way to successful, important, or busy to participate?

Yes No
4)   Do you actually want to get out of your wheelchairs and help?

Yes No


Welcome to the Edsel Ford High Class Of 1971 web site. This site is currently under construction, and your help and guidance will allow us to create a great website.  We are currently seeking photographs, video, trivia, historical information or any other ideas you may have that would make this website interesting and useful.  If you have content you would like to have included on this site please forward your content and/or ideas to Just about any format is acceptable. 

MISSING CLASSMATES - The placement of people in classmates, lost classmates is done automatically by the website programming.  The information came from the database created by Carol Johnson over the years with her team working on the reunion.  If there is no email address or snail address the site lists the person as missing.  So just logon, and update your information.

EMAIL ADDRESSES - Do you know the email address of any of our missing classmates?  You can invite them to join this website by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and entering their email address in the MISSING CLASSMATES box. 

DONATE - What is the DONATE button for?  We created and built, registered, and hosted this website from some of the funds we had left from the 40th Class Reunion.  Anyone wanting to donate to keep the site going is encouraged to do so.  Does anyone involved in managing this site get any money? The answer is no.  What the current plan is will be to use whatever extra money we receive will be put towards the 45th reunion after the next five year period is funded.  What may be something fun to do and worthy of discussion would be to find a cause we could get behind and make donations to that.  Your ideas and comments are appreciated.

CLASS REUNION PHOTOS - We have created galleries for the class reunions.  Classmates can upload photos into any of the existing galleries or create new galleries.  We do have lots of photos from the 40th and are adding more, but we do not have any from previous reunions.

THE BOLT - Interested in seeing what is happening at Edsel Ford.  Just right click and open in a new tab on The Bolt link and it will take you to the school newspaper.

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CLASS PICTURES - The pictures in the classmate profiles are taken from the 1971 Flight Yearbook.  If there isn't a picture in an active classmates profile and you have one of that person taken in 1971, color or black and white, send it to me at  and I will photoshop and upload it.